Increasing Mold Life in 8 ways

COPAR always believes that tool life (mold) is the key to a company’s bottom line and profitability. With the design and building stages complete, it is time to set the mold in the press and develop a process. Here are key press settings and essential preventative maintenance steps to improve mold life. 1- Tonnage Verify […]

How Everything Starts!?

Did you know? Jons Jacob Berzelius produces in 1847 first condensation polymer : polyester, derived from glycerin (propanetriol) and tartaric acid. Berzelius is also credited coining the chemical terms allotrope, catalysis, isomer and polymer. In 1865 Alexander Parkes was the first man made plastic by dissolving cellulose nitrate in alcohol and camphor containing ether. Resulting […]

In Mold Closing System “IMC”

In Mold Closing systems are used to automatically assemble molded parts prior to ejection from the molding surface. These systems operate during the opening time of the mold to minimize the impact on cycle time. Copar uses proprietary, proven IMC designs to integrate the closing rack and maximize mold cavitation. The closing arms provide precise movement […]